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Dementia Center
The Dementia Center aims to examine, prevent, and treat dementia and mild cognitive disorders earlier. The Dementia Center proposes preventive measures in advance and treatment approaches by identifying high-risk dementia groups and protecting patients from the fear brought on by dementia by regularly checking the progress and effects of treatment approaches.
About the Dementia Center
Accurate diagnosis by precise scanning
The Dementia Center carries out general medical scanning and precise brain scanning, including gene testing, dementia rating scale tests, neuropsychological tests, MRIs, and PET-CTs. The Dementia Center accurately diagnoses mild cognitive disorders and dementia by integrating and analyzing the results from the tests mentioned above.

Extensive analysis by experts in diverse fields
The Dementia Center extensively evaluates the test results in cooperation with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, the Social Work Team, the Nutrition Team, and simply determining dementia diagnoses. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine analyzes the necessity of physical therapy, activity of daily living, and occupational therapy. The Social Work Team carries out an intensive social survey. The Nutrition Team assesses the nutritional status of patients. After diagnosis and analysis, the Center issues the test report, including the test and analysis results and treatment recommendations.
The test report includes the results of general tests, gene testing, dementia rating scale test, neuropsychological test, MRI, and PET. The analysis results and recommendations come from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, the Social Work Team, and the Nutrition Team.

Custom Preventive Measures and Therapies, Linking Domiciliary and Facility Service
The Dementia Center proposes preventive measures and therapies customized per patient. Without limiting its service to only drug treatment, the Center provides physical therapy, training for daily life activities, occupational therapy, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, nutrition counseling, and family counseling for patients. Moreover, the social workers in the Center connect the proper domiciliary and facility services per patient through family counseling. The social workers prepare care plans for patients to ensure the use of proper service in cooperation with the Senior Citizens Welfare Center, home service providers, daycare centers, short-term care centers, sanitoriums, and convalescent hospitals, dementia counseling centers, and mental health centers. Moreover, the Center helps patients and their families to get emotional support by joining the Dementia Family Association and sharing information among patients and families.

Diverse kinds of information, systematic follow-up tests
The Dementia Center verifies the effects of preventive measures and therapies, which are applied to patients by regularly carrying out follow-up tests and changing or supplementing the preventive measures and therapies to fit the patients. Moreover, the Center tries to answer questions from dementia families through dementia family classes and counseling as a part of the Dementia Family Support Program and provides a wide range of information on cognitive disorders and dementia.

Medical Practitioners
Song Hong kI Neurology
Headache, convulsive seizure(epilepsy), memory impairment(dementia)
Bae Jong seok Neurology
Quadriplegia, limb numbness, peripheral nerve/muscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, dementia
Kim Woo kyung Neurology
Quadriplegia, limb numbness, peripheral nerve/muscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, dementia
Kim Ye rim Neurology
Cerebral apoplexy, stroke, headache
Hwang Jae yeon Neuropsychiatry
[Dementia, forgetfulness], psychosis(unfamiliar sound, strange experience), obsession, brain trauma, geriatric depression
Seong Su jeong Neuropsychiatry
Dementia, forgetfulness, [Stress Clinic], general geriatric mental disorder, instability(panic disorder, phobia), female mental health, brain trauma
Kim Ki won Neuropsychiatry
Intellectual disabilities(physical discomforts, chronic pains), posttraumatic stress disorder, mood disorder(depression, manic depression), self-injury, dementia, forgetfulness, obsession
Suh Seung wan Neuropsychiatry
Dementia, forgetfulness, depression, manic depression, insomnia, sleep disorder, alcoholic poisoning, psychosis, general geriatric mental health

[Week] Schedule (2024-02-26 ~ 2024-03-02)
Contact : 1588 - 4100
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